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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Poco M2 Pro Unboxing

 let's do the unboxing and have a
first look at this poco m2 pro and I
would say this is sort of like a little
brother of the poco x2 but I don't get
invited the name it anyways
let's have a closer look at the same and
if you look at the back as you can see
it is part by the snapdragon 720 g
processor it was very close to
performance in terms to the snapdragon 730 g and surprising thing is the hack now they're bundled at 33 watt fast charger and the battery capacity has increased to fifth
five thousand milliamp hour but the camera as you can see it's a forty eight
megapixel quad camera setup if you
recall the port way to had a 64 megapixel Sony sensor the display size poco x2 had
that hand 20 Hertz still can't get it why do they call it pros but regarding
storage as you can see this is the 6 gigabyte RAM variant that comes with
64gb of storage
there'll be also one mode medium that
will come with 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 GB
storage and one more variant 6 gigabytes
of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage so
let's quickly just open this up and when
I ask the team I'm making this video
before the launch I don't know the
pricing they said that it will start
below 15,000 so I'm assuming the base
with it might be somewhere around 14,000
let's see anyways so this is what we get
sim ejector tool over here and case and
some paper work s there so let's take
out the case and it's that transparent
case reminds me of the red mean note 9
series let's take out the sim ejector
tool also we pull and see the sim slot
should be triple the slot but let's see
anyways let's take this out and we have
the dual color tone finish but I have to
say if this was the single single color
this layout resembles the redmi note 9
series as I've called you agree nice
we'll just keep this one to the side let
me put it in the case so that you have
an idea how does it look so this is how
it looks it has a bit
for the case so let's keep this to the
side and let's see what else we get just
a USB type-c cable as you can see but
guys use this one because of that
extreme fast charging don't use any
other cables I'll just keep that also to
the side and this is the new thing that
is that 33 watt fast charger it's so as
we pipe eight port so that's it in the
box so let me just keep this for the
side let's just remove this case and
let's have a look at the device itself
looks like IR blaster is still provided
so that's actually nice this looks like
secondary noise cancellation microphone
this actually feels like metallic but
not plastic so nice and here we have the
volume rocker the power button plus a
fingerprint scanner like the redmi note
and even the poco x2 we saw the same
thing and bottom we have the vent for
the speaker USB type-c port 3.5 mm
headphone jack and this is absent free
should be triple slot but let's see we
never know hope it has a triple shot yes
a proper triple slot so that's actually
nice and back we have the camera set up
named as a forty eight megapixel then we
have an 8 megapixel ultra wide 5
megapixel is for macro and 2 megapixel
front-facing is single 16 megapixel
let's try to boot this and by the time
 up and I set it up
here is a configuration overview the
spoke om 2 pro is having a 6 point 6 7
inch full HD plus IPS LCD screen it's
part by the Snapdragon 7th very G
processor it comes in 4 or 6 gigabytes
of RAM and storage will be 64 or 128 X u
FS 2.1 storage moving to the camera we
have a quad camera setup main camera has
a forty eight megapixel 8 megapixels
i'll try white 5 in the pixel this macro
2 megapixel is depth moving to the front
facing camera it's a 16 megapixel and
come to the 5 thousand milliamp power
battery with 33 what fast charging so
guys have set up this device and have
also taken some camera samples that i'll
show you later on but first let's look
at this one and while I was just saying
the device I noticed these I took a
screenshot so you do get this option
like in typical red me smartphones a
user experience program personalized ads
and all this things so again make sure
you disable that otherwise you might see
at its heart to see that we are seeing
these options even on the poco because I
checked with Manmohan and he clearly
said that this smartphone will not have
ads but why do you have those options if
that is the case anyways so here is the
smartphone and another thing that I
notice is that there is some amount of
bloatware installed on it I installed
this Eid 64 but apart from and the
AirDroid apart from that everything is
sort of stock and as you can see we have
Amazon block something bubble bubble
crazy jail so there is a little bit of
bloat where that is sort of installed so
again it's not completely what do you
say without any bloatware and over here
we have the quick toggles over here and
if we go about here and typical about
the phone as you can see it says poco m2
and storage is 64 I have taken some
photographs guys so use them so roughly
you should get about 44 gigabytes of
available available space on the 64
gigabyte variant so nice thing is it's
ufs 2.1 so the storage was actually fast
but yeah that's what we get and so
typical Xiaomi and it does have the what
do you say me remote app for that ir
blaster stuff so you can control I'm
just going to say okay and agree you
have a lot of terms all the time Allah
so yeah you can use that so here we have
and now let's also look at the
fingerprint scanner on this one and as
you can see you don't have to actually
press it it's a power button but if you
just keep your finger also over there
its unlocking and I would say very fast
so no issues regarding the fingerprint
scanner one thing to note is that use it
with the case I don't know if the camera
is able to pick it up but this is sort
of a fingerprint magnet I would say if
you use it without the case so just be a
of that and also the camera actually
juts out of this one it's active if you
keep it like this it's actually resting
on the camera so if you notice so I
don't know like yeah looks cool but
again how practical it is because
resting on that camera so again be
careful about that and again I like the
fact that on the left if you go you have
the Google now pain over aigoo so that's
actually nice I like that regarding the
battery it has that mass of five
thousand milliamp hour battery so I feel
the battery life will be really really
good because the Snapdragon 7.20 G
processor is a very power efficient
processor and coupled with that five
thousand milliamp hour battery the
battery life should be actually very
good in fact I would say much better
than the PACU x2 that had a four
thousand five hundred million power
battery and experience you see that they
haven't given a 33 watt charger in the
box now let's also look at the camera on
this one the rear-facing camera as I
told you is 48 megapixel not the 64
megapixel Sony sensor that was used on
the PACU x2 so let's see how it does and
front-facing is now 16 megapixel on this
one and if I invoke for hint as you can
see no change in this software it's
almost the same this regular this is
that wide-angle lens and this is chuh
digital zoom that is 2x that you can go
and apart from that other modes are
there your portrait dedicated 48
megapixel even night mode is there and
for macro actually you have to go here
and here invoke the macro and then the
macro mode that 5 megapixel macro mode
as you can see can be activated on this
one so you have to go here for that and
front-facing camera as that 16 megapixel
one thing I noticed is that the screen
for some reason is saturating the colors
quite a bit if the skin tones definitely
are more saturated at least on the
screen we look at the photographs and
see if that's the case there also and
here we have that portrait mode and all
those things so let me do one thing let
me take actually some photographs with
this one so that you have a
regarding the camera these were taken
with the rear facing camera and one
thing I notice is that it saturates the
color especially if there are greens as
you can see of these pictures these came
out decent slightly oversaturated but
not as bad as earlier pictures and this
was in the 2x zoom and this was that
ultra wide and these were taken in the
regular mode and as you can see you get
that natural bouquet effect with the
same which actually looks very good and
this is regular shot this is macro macro
actually screws off with the color
regular again and this is again that
macro so again the macro even is trying
to over saturate the colors as you can
see these were taken in indoor lighting
and here I felt it actually did a decent
job sometimes the white balance was
slightly off but again I won't complete
considering the budget oriented price of
the smartphone and now moving to human
subjects again as you can see this was
actually done very well and these are
some of that shots taken in that ultra
white mode and these are some regular
shots and now moving to Boca I felt here
the results were simply not that would
notice around my hair that background
blur is simply not that close now moving
to front-facing camera as you can see
how do shots actually came out really
good with this smartphone as you can see
even that blood ran blood but here are
some of the indoor samples taken and
this was that ultra wide mode and it
does a decent job regular shots came out
good but in the portrait mode notice the
area around my hair
it's simply at the edge detection is not
that great now I'm moving to the front
facing camera and indoor lighting here
you've got to be slightly careful
otherwise you can get some blurry shots
so guys that's it for now for the
unboxing of this beaucoup m2 pro so what
do you guys think about this one Frankie
looking at some of the camera samples I
felt that the camera was sort of over
saturating stuff at times particularly
when there are lot of plants green plants it was over saturating like old
it reminded me of the old samsung
smartphones and also in the book a mode
if you have noticed some of the samples
near my hair it was not done as well so
definitely I would say as of now if
camera is the highest priority I frankly
feel still the poco x2 has a better
camera than this one but again this is
much cheaper than that so what do you
guys think about this device do let me
know in the comment section below and
guys if you are still not subscribed to
my youtube channel hit that subscribe
button this is Ron G that I hope to see
you in my next video take care guys

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